Delano Insurance is now Bender Hatch Insurance

As of November 2017, I have joined Bender Hatch Insurance.  Joining forces with Bender Hatch Insurance will free up my time to focus on the part of my job that I love the most – working with you, my clients, and addressing your insurance needs.  All of my clients’ services including policies and claims will now by serviced by my new agency.  

Bender Hatch Insurance is a Boston based insurance agency providing custom insurance programs for successful individuals, families, and businesses. Our philosophy is straight forward: We believe the primary purpose of insurance is to provide protection against a significant financial loss.

Our level of personalized insurance starts with the Client Executive being your primary point of contact for all your service needs. The Client Executive provides risk analysis, a review of the current insurance programs, and development of a well thought out and comprehensive insurance program that meets your insurance needs. Each Client Executive is supported by our professional service team to assure you of continuity and familiarity in a long-term relationship. “In a world where everyday you need to expect the unexpected, our approach to insurance is the best protection a client can have.”

Come insure with us and you will find that Bender Hatch Insurance is where real people care about meeting your insurance needs.

You may contact John Delano by calling 617-367-8709

Making Insurance Work For You!