Delano Insurance Services is a Boston based, privately held, boutique insurance brokerage firm, specializing in the unique risk management needs of successful individuals and families.

We believe that the goal of insurance is to protect an individual or family from the risk of catastrophic financial loss. In pursuit of this goal, we advise our clients to select the right insurance carrier, self-insure small losses, and allocate their insurance dollars to coverage for protection against catastrophic loss.

Our process is simple, and consultative. We ask questions to analyze risk tolerance and susceptibly to loss, and we evaluate whether or not the present insurance program provides adequate protection against the risk of financial loss. Recommendations are made and an insurance program is proposed to improve coverage, minimize risk, reallocate premiums, and solve complex issues. In advance of each annual renewal, we revisit the insurance program to ensure that it is keeping pace with past or planned lifestyle changes (new purchases, home remodels, children, liquidity events, etc.) and make course adjustments if necessary. The end result is a well thought out, ongoing insurance program designed to preserve the value of our client’s assets in the event of a loss.

We believe that when you go above expectations and look to the future good things happen for our clients. In an industry where you need to expect the unexpected, our approach is the best protection a client can have.

You may contact John Delano by calling 617-912-4946.

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